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About Pi Business Brokers

Pi Business Brokers is based out of Madison, Connecticut. Committed to the financial success and big-picture growth of hopeful business owners and established brands. We help Business owners develop ideas into brands. Help grow and expand businesses. Lead buyers and sellers through the difficult process of business brokering.

We facilitate credibility, sustainability, long-term sales, and measurable returns on investments by understanding the high risk of restaurant ventures, especially in the current economy and changing environment.

Pi offers consultation with experience, relationships, resources and services that help clients to penetrate this highly competitive marketplace.

Pi Consultants give each of their clients special attention and is willing to do whatever it takes in order to help their clients achieve their goals.

About Pi Business Brokers


Our mission is to provide our clients with the business services that will help them expedite the opening process, expand business, improve operations of existing establishments, and ultimately push our clients to the forefront of the hospitality industry.

Robert Marcarelli

Robert Marcarelli is a well respected Chef, Business Broker and Restaurant Consultant known throughout Connecticut. He has over twenty years experience in many differnt industries. With hands-on experience in business ownership Multi-Unit Management and as a Chef, is what gives him the advantage as a Business Broker & Consultant. He has a passion for taking an individual’s vision and developing it into a successful brand.

Robert has successfully participated in many various concepts ranging from restaurants to retail. Successes also include: night clubs, manufacturers, gourmet markets, digital agency and various franchises.

He brings with him a deep knowledge of current food trends and award winning concepts. Robert has built lasting relationships with many Industry leaders and is an active mentor in Networking Groups.

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